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A Custom Home Using Green Practices and Materials

This home was designed to be built using many green materials and for high energy efficiency. The exterior walls use the locally produced ICF product "FASWALL". These walls are 12" thick and use recycled wood chips and concrete instead of styrofoam for the form. A concrete wall is then poured in the voids of the form blocks providing an insulation value of R25 or better.

Design also oriented the house to have living space on the south side with most of the windows capturing heat and light.

The first floor of the two story house is now completely poured. The bay window faces south.

The second floor of the two story house is now awaiting arrival of trusses. The bay window tower faces south.

The rake wall for the right side of the great room is also formed with faswall. Ledger boards for porch floor and trusses are visible on the outside of the walls.

The roof is on and the house takes shape.

Natural lime plaster can be applied directly to the exterior.

A masonry stove is being built in place. Open beams add character to the interior.

This is the final result of our efforts.

The kitchen..

The living space.

The upstairs..

For more information about this house while under construction go to the owner/builder blog.

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