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A California Bungalow

Built in 1915, this bungalow was originally 576 sqft with no bathroom and only 1 bedroom. An addition was later made to the rear of the house which added 192 sqft including a bathroom. This addition was rotting from the foundations up when the owners decided to remodel.

The wish list included a more functional kitchen, a new master bedroom, 2 baths, a rear entry with storage, and a dining area. The rest of the task was to retain the original character of the house and not make the addition over power the existing house.

On the right is the front view of the house after the new additions were made in the back. Notice that the addition does show from the street but blends well with the house.

Left shows the old addition which was removed to make way for the larger addition on the top. Below is the new addition which blends with the original style.

The new addition is 704 sq ft and contains a kitchen dining area on the left and a master bedroom to the right. A back porch opens into a large hallway with storage and a laundry.

The new kitchen features lots of storage and a corner sink with windows. Though small (12' x 10') the kitchen is very efficient. The overall remodel result was what the owners hoped to create. The interior feels spacious without adding a lot of extra space. A truly "not so big" design. The owners response, " I love my new kitchen!"

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